Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Creative Writer" Blogger Award

Hi all!  I got home this evening to find that a fellow blogger, Rhonda Emry, selected me to receive the 'Creative Writer' Blogger Award.  How super exciting is that.  This will be first award for my blog.  It makes me feel good to know that you all love coming over to read and check out my blog.  Thank you so much to Rhonda @ Scrap Happens, I was surely surprised.  Please head on over to check out Scrap Happens to see her beautiful creations and her crafty sweetness.  I just know you will all love it.  On that note, I am to pass this award along to five new recipients.  

This was super hard, I used to help me out.  I think everyone has a little bit of creative writing in them...

Toni @ Scrap4Life

Please grab your award, post it on your blog, select five new recipients, and write five things about yourself!

Five things about me...
  1. I am addicted to scrappin'! It is my therapeutic outlet.
  2. I love to experiment in the kitchen with food and make yummy meals.
  3. If I am not scrappin' you can find me with my friends or at church.
  4. I have a passion to teach kids.
  5. While I live in the desert, I prefer cold over hot any day of the week.
Congrats to the new award winners.  This just made my day and I hope this makes yours.  Don't forget, first thing tomorrow...Heartstrings Design Team has a treat for you all.  Stop on in to see what all the sweet talk is all about!  Take care, till tomorrow.



Wow, congratulations!!!! It must feel great to know that others are actually reading your blog and that are keeping you in mind, you have made an impression!!!


It is super exciting! I am loving it for sure. Just as I am making an impression upon all are making an impression on me. I love reading everyone's blogs, commenting, and being inspired. It's so much fun. Thank you Gaby!


How exciting to recieve an award. Congratulations.


Thanks for the award Beth, now how hot does it get in your desert exactly?


Pj...thank you so much! are very welcome. Very much deserved! It gets pretty hot here. Recently the temperature has been ranging between the 80s to 110 degrees. This is not normal for June out here. In the past, I have seen the temperature rise above 120. The only positive thing about how hot it gets here, is there is no humidity. It is usually very dry heat. Can't live here without the AC, you would melt!


Wow Beth Thank You! I'm going to try and get this up today or tomorrow. I am so excited you thought of me and my little blog:0)

Beth are so welcome! I love your blog, one of my favs for sure.

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