About Me

Hello all!  

My name is Beth and this is a little bit about me.  I am one of four siblings in my family, the baby that is (and I love it).  I was born and raised in California until about 16 years ago...I would now consider myself almost a Nevada native.  I recently received my bachelors degree in Elementary Education (hopefully there is a job waiting for me...).  I am married to my best friend, Lawrence.  We have been together for 10 years, married for six.  I am a devout Christian woman and both my husband and I are very involved in our church community.  Amongst my church community, my dear friend Shelley brought me back to scrappin'.  I LOVE IT and CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT.  Every Saturday night, myself and a bunch of my fellow dearest scrappin' friends gather over at Shelley's for Craft Night.   I find that scrappin' for me is a therapeutic outlet, which is a necessity in my life.  Recently, I became a part of Heartstrings Design Team led by another friend of mine Shelley.  I am super excited for what the scrappin' world holds for me.  I can't wait to share my creativity with you all and I can't wait to discover and be inspired by others.  This is me in a nut shell.  Thank you so much for visiting Stinkin' Sweet Scrappin' and I will hear from you all soon.  Take care, till next time.

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