Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Readers Choice Color Inspiration" Layout

Hello all!  As you all know, last week I posted a few pictures that was apart of Kristina Werners "Color Inspiration Photo."  Thank you to everyone who voted for my pictures I do appreciate it.  However, I didn't win the vote (but I had over 18 votes).  The photo that did win is...

...that is the photo that won, the ribbon with the pink flower and green leaves.  I love the picture though and I was kind of hoping it would win.  On that note, the colors needed to create a card, layout, or what have you is baja blue (almost a baby blue), kiwi green (lime green), rose, pale pink, light grey, and white.  I was going to do a card; however, I have been on a roll with making cards and I haven't made a layout in a while.  So here is my creation.  Again, I used lots of scraps and tried to find the colors that were needed to match as closely as possible.  I hope you all love it.  I am submitting it over at Kwernerdesign Blog.  Please be inspired by the photo and colors and join in on the fun.  Take care!

Light Grey Patter Paper (Background)
Light (Baja) Blue Pattern Paper (Circle and Edging)
Rose Cardstock (Matting for pictures and Flowers)
Pale Pink Cardstock (Letters and Flowers)
Light Grey Cardstock (Letters)
Lime (Kiwi) Green Cardstock (Stems)
White Ribbon
White and Light Grey Paper Flowers
Rose Brad



This really turned out great Beth! You know I am all over what you did with the circle, rite? LOL! Love everything about this page!


I am so glad that you love it! I love it too. I played around with it for a while and the technique around the circle I learned from a video I watched I just can't remember which one. Thank you though.


im sorry, i dont know how to vote for a layout or a card..thats wat i get for being slow on the scrappin stuff..i really like this layout..i agree with toni..loving the circle.. the pictures look great..and of course the glad u won..its awesome


Cute stuff, Beth! I like the ruffled paper! I have a list of challenges I would like to do, but I don't have the motivation. (Or maybe it is that I have too much other stuff going on!)


Very nice, pretty scrap page!

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